For cassette-panel systems, it is the only patent for ventilated cladding/facades with a vertical center gasket with a closed joint.

Ideal for residential finishes.

  • Impeccable Aesthetics
  • Great architectural versatility
  • Standard panels can be horizontally staggered
  • Extreme torsional stiffness
  • Ease of processing and installation
  • Zero maintenance



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Bergami is a company that has been operating for more than 40 years in the building accessories industry.

Over the decades, our core business has focused mainly on the field of metal ventilated facades and Alucobond-type facade cladding, more generally referred to as “hi-tec facades.”

With the experience gained from decades of direct operations on the end customer, our company has developed the necessary know-how to arrive at refining fundamental protocols, such that a direct operator can be transformed into a company of products and services exclusively for industry players who target the end customer.

All this is embodied in a standard of SYSTEMS and SERVICES that can be easily and flexibly applied to the needs of our clients and their orders.

Through the considerable experience we have gained in complex ventilated facades, over the years we have come to develop, patent, use and finally commercialize our ventilated facade substructure systems, starting from concepts of use, functionality and aesthetics diametrically opposed to the standards conceived by the guidelines that have directed the entire market, allowing us to offer a “unique” product.

We offer an integrated service for companies in the construction industry and its complements, such as:

  • window/facade fitters
  • construction companies/general contractors
  • design studios

The services we deal with are:

  • planning
  • development
  • consulting
  • preparation of “ready to install” custom manufactured products
  • supply of our patented ventilated facade systems (“loose” and/or “ready to install”).
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The types of intervention vary:

  • from single delivery of systems and services
  • up to coordinating the order on your behalf

All of this, integrating with your design/production structure in order to achieve a state-of-the-art quality result, as well as ensuring that in the eyes of your client, you will be the one to handle it all internally.